About Gobetti 2.0.2, ideas and suggestions

1-) In male transitions, the selection remains constant, but when I choose female, it reverts to male selection while browsing the models. The last selected option should remain until I choose it again.

2-) When I export, the black screen problem persists.
3-) The red line problem persists. Instead of a red line, a small arrowhead pointing to the selected area may be sufficient to show the selected area.

4-) The menu can be moved to the free space on the side and a pop-up window can be added for the uv map. In the final, we have no business with the uv map while taking the scene picture. moreover, with a larger screen, the model on the stage grows. For Market, vendor image, the ability to take a picture can be added to give us the inside of a certain area on the screen. The model in the scene can be added free rotation and zooming feature.


Add bundl or suit compositing and in avatar preview option.

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