About GOBETI V:1.2.0 improvement

1-) Texture placement requires precision. It would be more efficient if the arrow keys on the keyboard worked for 1 centimeter scrolling. Moving the texture by 1 cm with the mouse is not very successful. The red line on the selected face prevents detail seeing.
2-) There is no zoom in the scene, it is important to see it closely in detail works! Zooming would be nice.
3-) When output, uv map black screen comes up. Unable to get UV map.
4-) When a recorded work is opened, the texture of the overwritten work does not appear on the stage. Recorded work does not come to the scene.
5-) It would be more practical if the imported uv map was valid for all faces and a new texture could be loaded on each face if desired.
6-) For adding texture, it would be great convenience and high quality alignment if the face related to drag and drop would capture the texture and place it automatically.

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well aware of all no precision in general so you have to manage with some extras, for me too still doesnt save, all of this reported and waiting for update

Of course, I have no doubt that a team that has done so much will do more. I just write my own ideas, as the relevant area is a space where we write our ideas. My only goal is to contribute. This is not a complaint…!

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yeah shure i didnt take it as one but support to adress problems and make things better in future, thanks and keep contributing

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Hi i have problem to open gobety 1.2.0 i have this screen shots/ with secret key

not yet implemented, have to wait announcement aobut this