"2Live with friends" Metaverse Concert


## Introduction

SecondLive, an outstanding metaverse social platform on Binance Chain, has provided a manifold of easy-to-use UGC kits. Right now, it is going to launch the new UGC kits for its users to create singing and dancing performances. In this regard, SecondLive collaborates with an exceptional metaverse artist, Miso, to create an unparalleled concert themed **++"2Live with friends"++**. During the entire event, users can participate in many activities to win different kinds of rewards. 

## Reward

SecondLive will provide the audiences with the following rewards: 
***Fan clothes**: 500+ mystery boxes; 

***Concert merchandise**: 500+ mystery boxes;

***$BEAN reward**: 10000+ $BEANs in total

## Rule

To celebrate the "2Live with friends" concert, the entire event will be divided into three phases. Different activities and rewards will be released in each phase as follows: 

### First phase: 

Time: Nov 8 - Nov 25


*SecondLive daily clock-in task: https://secondlive.world/bounty

*Twitter task: available from *++Nov 11++*

*Reward: fan clothes & $BEANs

### Second phase:

Time: Nov 26 - Nov 27

Activity: enter the live house to watch the concert (available soon)

Reward: fan clothes & $BEANs

### Third phase:

Time: Nov 28 - Dec 21


*Buy concert merchandise in SecondLive Marketplace;

*Create stage performances with the new creation tools

Reward: concert merchandise

Date & Time

Nov 22 20:00 UTC ~ Dec 22 12:00 UTC

Hi miso, we haven’t seen you for a long time, it’s good to see you again, I’m following you for your successful works.
This event is exciting, we look forward to it.

Cant wait for this to go live :heart_eyes: nice to have you cooking something behind the scenes